From Fosse to Cole, theatrical jazz dance is the standard on Broadway.  N-PAC is thrilled to offer Broadway choreography and heels technique classes with Jacqueline Barone.  These classes are perfect for both theater students as well as dance students.


about jacqueline


Born and raised in San Diego, Jacqueline was involved in dance and theater practically from the moment she was born. She attended Evoke Dance Movement for eight years under the direction of Stacy Sopher, curating a very diverse dance education, with many different teachers including Natalie Barone, Courtney Barclay, and Hannah Wintrode. Immediately after graduating, she moved up to Los Angeles and began her journey as a professional dancer. Within her first year of living in LA she was so excited and grateful to have booked her first job, which was dancing in a live commercial on the Warner Brothers lot for the movie, “The Greatest Showman”. Since then Jacqueline has worked on jobs such as the Latin American Music Awards, the Grammy Awards, Saturday Night Live, Skechers commercial, and many music videos. She has danced for artists including Lady GaGa, Camila Cabello, J Balvin, Young Thug, Ricky Martin, and Pitbull. She is so grateful for all of the job opportunities she has been blessed with, and could not do this without her family