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Auditions Saturday and Sunday September 21 and 22 at 11 am

Set in the 1940’s, singers, actors, tap dancers, contemporary dancers and of course ballerinas perform in this re-imagined version of the beloved holiday tradition!  Performances will be held at Lakeside Auditorium in Lake Elsinore on December 21-22.   Practices will be held Friday or Saturdays depending on the scene in which the Performer is cast.  Conflicts will be accommodated!   Performance fee is $250. 



Snow Queen (teen):  Strong singer


Marie (Tween to teen):  Triple Threat performer


Fritz (9-12):  An actor who can tap


Steward/The Nutcracker  (Teen to adult): Strong dancer of any type


Grandmother (Adult):  Actor


Grandfather (Adult):  Actor


GreatGrandfather (Adult):  Actor


Mother Stahlbaum (Adult):  Singer/actor


Captain Stahlbaum (Adult):  Singer/actor


Rat King (Tween to teen):  Contemporary Dancer


Rats (Tween and preteen): Contemporary Dancer


Mice (all ages 2 and up):  Child dancer (any type of dance)


Sugarplum Fairy (Adult): Classical ballet dancer


Party Scene Diplomats (Adults): Actors


Snowflakes (Preteen to Teen): Ballet dancers


Snowmen (Kids to teen): Tapping boys


Carolers (Preteen/Teen):  Vocalists


Gingerbread Men/Party Scene Kids/Angels (Ages 5-11):  Acting kids


Spanish Dancer (Preteen/Teen/Adult):  Any type of dancer


Chinese Divertissement  (Preteen/Teen/Adult):  Any type of dancer

Arabian Dancers (Preteen/Teen/Adult):  Any type of dancer


Soldiers (ages 6-16):  Tap Dancers

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