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Acting Group Ranges Are by School Grade

Pre-K / K-5 / 6-8 / 9-12 

Broadway Babies & Kids ( Pre-K-7 ) - This class is perfect for kids 3-7 who are interested in acting. This class explores acting, singing, and dancing with an emphasis on play. Broadway Babies & Kids let your little star shine! Broadway Babies is perfect for pre-readers and new readers.

Year 1 ( K-2 / 3-5 / 6-8 / 9-12 ) First-year students begin to explore the world of storytelling, movement, vocalization, and character development with an emphasis on stage presence, building focus, and confidence. Students are introduced to acting terms and stage directions through monologue work and small group scenes.

Note: Students must complete 1 Year of acting classes before enrolling in YEAR 2 classes (or have instructor approval)

(1-hour class)

Year 2 + ( 2-5 / 6-8 / 9-12 ) - This is for students who have taken at least 1 year of acting classes. Have a basic understanding of stage direction and acting terms. The goal of this class is to introduce students to script analysis, character choices through scene study. This course will also introduce students to some of the different techniques used to approach scripts for plays, tv shows, and feature films.

(2-hour class)

Advanced Acting Workshop ( 9-12 / Adult )– This is for students who have had 2+ years of acting training. Audition Only - This class will focus on scene study and the development of original new works. Students will have the opportunity to write and perform original monologues, scenes, and a short film or one-act play. This class will have regular acting opportunities and requires a season-long commitment. The spring season runs from Feb 14 - May 23rd

(2-hour class)

Acting For Film, Television  ( K-5 / 6-12 / Adult ) - This class introduces students to the roles actors play in the entertainment industry. The class serves to teach students the different techniques used to land roles in a professional setting. This course covers commercial acting, narration/story-driven, animation, YouTube, Reels, Short Form Video, and Even Video Game voice acting; Often using copy/scripts seen and heard on major networks and streaming platforms. We also will cover the basics of being on set, how to “self-tape” and prep for various auditions in the post-Covid industry. From discussing the basics like headshots/resumes to learning industry terminology so that students don't go into an audition process blind. Students should end the semester with the tools and knowledge to audition on their own.

(1-hour class )

Improv and Theater Games ( K-5 / 6-12 / Adult ) – Students will get first-hand experience creating short-form improv scenes from scratch. They will be introduced to the world of improv and theater games often played by improv troupes. This class will explain the basics of how scene structure and character types can serve the story and engage an audience. The goal is for students to gain confidence in their instincts and choices, build stage presence and have fun!

(1-hour class K-12) (2-hour class Adult )

Musical Theater Acting and Auditioning ( K-5 / 6-8 / 9-12 )

Students are asked to come in with material that they have worked on vocally through another class. We then find an effective audition cut and break down the song as if it were a monologue. The goal of this class is to understand the ACTING components of a song. This class is not intended to critique notes or pitch, it's to find the story of the song in an individual and unique way so that students can stand out in an audition room. We will hold mock musical auditions, and discuss actual musical theater auditions in town so that students can apply what they learn in class to real projects. This class should work in tandem with one of our Musical Theater Vocal classes or private vocal coaches.

(1-hour class)


ABOUT Stefani Rose
Director of Acting

Stefani attended SUNY Purchase Acting conservatory for her BFA and YALE school of Drama where she received her MFA. Her passion for teaching began while at YALE coaching fellow students and as the co-artistic director of the YALE summer Cabaret. Her teaching style is a mix of Classical Acting Technique, Method Acting, Stanislavsky, Meisner and Chekhov Technique. With younger students Stefani focuses on character development and the fun of acting.

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