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2020-2021 Competition Teams!  

Still want to be on teams?   Winter Team Auditions are coming in December!

2021-2022 Competition Teams  

N-PAC offers small class sizes, a welcoming family environment and supportive teams for all of our dancers and triple threat kids!  Our teachers are award-winning choreographers and place a strong emphasis on technique as well as personal growth.

We are looking forward to an amazing 2021-22 season! Auditions for our dance teams will be August 14, 2021.  Auditions for our triple threat teams will be August 7, 2021.  Our teams include tap, jazz, lyrical, musical theater, hip hop and triple threat.  We offer teams for all levels for ages 5-18.

N-PAC Dance Teams:  ​

Dance team members may choose to be on 1 or more teams.  Dance team members will be required to take certain required technique classes as well as team classes. 

Additional dance team requirements are as follows:

  • All team members must be enrolled in the unlimited dance program ($300 per month).    

  • All team members must have a card on file so that tuition is automatically paid on the 1st of the month.  Tuition must be paid through the month of Nationals (June).

  • All team members are responsible for a custom costume for each of their teams.  Costumes are typically $250 per costume. Team members must pay for costumes at the beginning of the season.

  • All team members must attend every required competition.  We anticipate participating in 5 competitions.  Competition dates and locations may change, as competitions are sometimes cancelled or moved.  Some competitions may be in Las Vegas.

  • Fees for each competition are approximately $80 per performer for each team dance per competition.  Solos, duos and trios are more, with solos ranging to $160 per competition. 

  • Competition Fee - All team members will be required to pay a $300 flat competition fee at the beginning of the season to cover props, teacher pay and hotels during competitions, teacher transportation, etc.

Solos/Duos/Trios:  Dancers/singers/actors may perform in solos, duos and trios at the studio director’s discretion.  Solos are typically $160 per competition, and the performer will be responsible for the cost of a custom costume and payment to the instructor for private lessons. Performer and the instructor must individually arrange instruction and payment.

Triple Threat Teams: 

NPAC offers Musical Theater Production (Triple Threat) Teams. These teams focus on performing, competing, and auditioning as a Triple Threat group (singing, acting and dance).  Musical Theater Production Teams go to separate competitions from dance, which focus more on acting, singing and theater.  


Triple Threat production teams will attend Access Broadway in Las Vegas, Turn It Around (Temecula) and 2 additional competitions to be announced. 

Triple Threat team commitments are as follows:

  • 3-4 competitions per year.  Fees are approximately $80 per competition per routine.

  • $150 per costume per team

  • $350 per month for triple threat team and technique classes

  • $200 one-time Competition Fee for costs of props, teacher pay and hotels during competitions.  

  • All team members must have a card on file so that tuition is automatically paid on the 1st of the month. 

  • Cost of travel to Las Vegas

Additional Club/Company/Triple Threat Expenses:

  • Studio Apparel to be worn on stage for awards. Studio Jacket is $75.

  • Costume shoes and tights as selected by instructor.

  • Uniform make-up brands/ colors as selected by instructor

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