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N-PAC is a Preferred Vendor of Inspire Charter Schools

N-PAC is a performing arts center offering classes in vocal training, dance, acting, theater, and art.  Classes are offered between 4 pm to 9 pm Monday through Friday, with additional classes on Saturdays. Classes are available for children ages 4 to 18.

For the Inspire students enrolled in the Preferred Vendor program, classes will begin September 4 and continue until May 31.   Students in the N-PAC Preferred Vendor program will also be offered $500 in enrichment funds outside of the Preferred Vendor program.


Inspire students enrolled in the Preferred Vendor program may choose from one of the following programs:


N-PAC Performance Program:

Students may select 10 to 12 hours of weekly classes in dance, acting and vocals.  Students will have a winter recital and a recital in June. Classes are available for all skill levels.  


N-PAC Theater Program:

Students may select 8-10 hours of weekly acting, musical theater, art and vocal classes.  Classes are available for all skill levels. Additionally, Theater Program students will participate in a Fall, Winter and Spring musical theater production.  Practice for these productions will take place Monday and Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons.


Open house for prospective students will be Wednesday April 24 between 4 to 6 pm.  

If you are planning to enroll in the Inspire N-PAC Preferred Vendor Program, please go to and be sure to upload the Partnership Certificate.   If you are already enrolled at Inspire, you can inform your teacher that you wish to be moved to the Preferred Vendor program.

Please feel free to call 951-514-9904 for more information!

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